What we do

We provide specialist expertise in port, harbour and marina investigations, coastal and marine studies and numerical modelling, data analysis and interpretation.

Our Directors have a combined experience of almost 50 years within the industry and have been involved in a wide range of projects within Australia, the UK and overseas.

Port and Coastal Solutions Services

Our services typically fall within the port and coastal sectors and can include technical assessments, specialist advice, support and peer review. We can assist clients through all project phases including feasibility, design, impact assessment, approvals and pre- and post-construction. We have specialist expertise in sediment transport assessments, marine and coastal numerical modelling and data processing, analysis and interpretation.


Port, harbour and marina investigations

  • Dredging investigations, sedimentation processes and sedimentation reduction options;
  • Sediment assessments and interpretation of geotechnical data;
  • Input into the design process, including developing design conditions and design optimisation;
  • Vessel impact assessments including bed disturbance by vessel wake and propeller wash;
  • Quantitative sediment transport understanding for natural and anthropogenic conditions; and
  • Numerical modelling and data analysis (see below).


Coastal and marine studies

  • Understanding coastal processes and developing appropriate coastal management solutions;
  • Climate change assessments and predicting potential future coastal erosion and inundation;
  • Development and testing of concept design options and design optimisation;
  • Marine renewable assessments, including offshore wind, tidal and wave energy;
  • Conceptual sediment transport understanding for coastal and estuarine systems; and
  • Numerical modelling and data analysis (see below).


Numerical modelling and data analysis

  • Hydrodynamic modelling: water levels, currents, storm surge and inundation;
  • Wave modelling: wave generation, wave transformation and harbour tranquillity assessments;
  • Sediment transport modelling: transport of clay, silt, sand and gravel sized sediment in suspension and as bedload, longshore transport, cross-shore transport and shoreline evolution;
  • Plume modelling: advection and dispersion of sediment and other conservative and non-conservative tracers, including oil, effluents, temperature and salinity; and
  • Interpretation and explanation of numerical modelling results and measured data.



In addition to our capabilities we have good relationships with other experts, who can be brought in to complement our in-house expertise. This approach ensures that we can undertake all port and coastal project components including design, geotechnical assessments and data collection.