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Port and Coastal Solutions is a small, specialist consultancy founded in 2017. We deliver sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions in coastal and marine environments.

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Port, harbour and
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Feasibility Studies for the Port of Gladstone Sustainable Management Project

PCS has been working with Gladstone Ports Corporation over the last two years to undertake a number of studies as part of their Sustainable Sediment Management (SSM) Project.  The SSM Project has been developed with the aim of finding long term solutions for the management of sediment from maintenance dredging in the Port of Gladstone (PoG).

The Project is currently at Stage 4 which focuses on evaluation, feasibility and trials of shortlisted options to manage sediment from maintenance dredging for the PoG.  Our most recent contribution to this stage of the project has been preparing feasibility study reports, which assess the feasibility of the alternative options including; offshore beach nourishment, sustainable in-channel relocation of sediment and habitat restoration/creation.

The next step will be to discuss the outcomes of these reports with relevant stakeholders.