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Port and Coastal Solutions is a small, specialist consultancy founded in 2017. We deliver sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions in coastal and marine environments.

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Port, harbour and
marina investigations


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Coastal and marine


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Numerical modelling
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Latest news

Involvement in 2019 maintenance dredging programmes

PCS has recently been involved in the 2019 maintenance dredging programs at the Ports of Hay Point and Weipa. North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) has providing the following feedback on our involvement:

“Port and Coastal Solutions has been instrumental to the success of maintenance dredging undertaken at the Port of Hay Point and Port of Weipa in 2019 by NQBP. They have undertaken important studies for these ports to support long-term maintenance dredging environmental approvals from State and Commonwealth regulators. These sustainable sediment management assessment studies have included – bathymetric analysis, sediment budgets, plume modelling, predictive bathymetric models and a review of engineering and technical solutions to minimize dredging requirements. They have also provided environmental compliance reporting and specialist support and advice throughout these maintenance dredging works.”



Port and Coastal Solutions opens UK office

PCS is excited to announce the launch of its new UK office and the appointment of Dr Rachel White as UK director. Rachel is a chartered marine scientist with 15 years of experience in coastal and marine studies with a specific focus on numerical modelling of hydrodynamics, waves, sediments and water quality in coastal and estuarine environments. Rachel has provided consultancy services for numerous port developments, managed realignments, coastal defence schemes and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects. Rachel has been involved in a significant amount of stakeholder engagement and has provided specialist technical advice on thermal plume modelling to the Marine Maritime Organisation.