Recent Projects

Details of some of the projects which Port and Coastal Solutions has undertaken since the company was established in 2017 are provided below.

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Ports of Mackay and Abbot Point Sustainable Sediment Management Projects

NQBP has commissioned PCS to assist with aspects of their Sustainable Sediment Management Projects at the Ports of Mackay and Abbot Point. Key components of the studies have included analysing historic bathymetric data to better understand sedimentation, developing a conceptual understanding of the dominant sediment transport processes, undertaking dredge plume dispersion modelling and assessing possible solutions to avoid or reduce sedimentation within the Ports. Findings from the studies will help to inform NQBP’s Long-term Maintenance Dredging Management Plans (LMDMPs) for the Ports. It is a requirement of the Maintenance Dredging Strategy that each Port within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area develop a LMDMP which is aimed at creating a framework to allow continual improvement in environmental performance.


Weipa and Amrun Sustainable Sediment Management Assessment

NQBP has commissioned PCS to undertake a series of studies at the Port of Weipa and at Amrun Port. The studies will form part of NQBP’s Sustainable Sediment Management assessment for the Ports, which are aimed at informing whether sedimentation can be managed to avoid or reduce the need for maintenance dredging. The studies being undertaken by PCS include:

-  A bathymetric analysis to quantify bathymetric changes;

-  Developing a quantitative sediment budget for the area;

-  Constructing interactive predictive sedimentation models; &

-  Assessing engineered and technological solutions to reduce or prevent sedimentation in the dredged areas of the


Reef 2050 Sediments and Dredging

Port and Coastal Solutions (PCS) is working with the Queensland Ports Association (QPA) as part of the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan. QPA is leading Water Quality Action 17 (WQA17) of the Plan, which is aimed at better understanding port sediment properties and how maintenance dredging may interact and contribute to broader catchment contributions within the World Heritage Area. PCS is undertaking a peer review of the key deliverables for the project and is also providing technical assistance, as required. This has included assisting in developing an approach to predict the contribution of suspended sediment from maintenance dredging relative to natural sediment resuspension.


Hay Point Maintenance Dredging

Port and Coastal Solutions (PCS) is working with North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) to assist in the Hay Point Maintenance Dredging Project. The work being undertaken by PCS forms part of a larger investigation being undertaken by NQBP, to support their application for future maintenance dredging at the Port of Hay Point. The work has included the analysis and processing of measured water quality data, to define locally relevant thresholds for the range of environments in the region. In addition, PCS has been involved in the numerical modelling of natural and dredging related sediment transport to better understand any potential impacts due to dredging.